We develop new methods in computational mathematics and apply them to problems from versatile problem domains, including exploration of mathematical structures in discrete mathematics, geometry, combinatorics, formalisation and management of mathematical knowledge, and large network analysis. Our applications are grounded in state-of-the-art theoretical research in discrete and numerical mathematics and theoretical computer science.

Research topics

Symmetries of discrete objects
We are interested in all aspects of symmetry (and the lack-there off) in discrete mathematics. We are particularly interested in highly symmetrical discrete structures, such as vertex-transitive graphs, regular maps, abstract polytopes and manifolds etc.

Researchers: Primož Potočnik, Nino Bašić, Tomaž Pisanski, Arjana Žitnik, Alejandra Ramos, Maruša Lekše (PhD student)

Enumerative and algebraic combinatorics
We use sophisticated techniques for enumeration (both exact and approximate) of objects arising in algebra and geometry.

Researchers: Matjaž Konvalinka

Mathematical chemistry
We study properties of graph classes with relevance in chemistry (e.g. benzenoid and fullerene graphs). We are interested in their spectral properties (e.g. nullity), combinatorial properties (e.g. the number of perfect matchings) and their enumeration and characterisation. We also study constructions that produce larger graphs from smaller graphs and preserve a property of our interest. We also have experience in mathematical modelling behind self-assembly of polypeptides and DNA.

Researchers: Nino Bašić, Tomaž Pisanski

Mathematical knowledge management
We collaborate with the Research Group of the Professorship for Knowledge Representation and Processing at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg on the mathematical data platform MathDataHub.

Researchers: Katja Berčič, Filip Koprivec, Primož Potočnik

Network and data analysis
We are developing methods for network and data analysis. Current emphasis is on analysis of temporal networks based on temporal quantities (TQs), analysis of bibliographic networks and analysis of symbolic data.

Researchers: Vladimir Batagelj, Simona Korenjak Černe, Tomaž Pisanski

Foundations of mathematics and theoretical computer science
We explore mathematical foundations of computation and data processing. Our explorations in type theory and programming languages aid development of proof assistants, formalised mathematics and programming languages.

Researchers: Andrej Bauer, Katja Berčič, Filip Koprivec, Matija Pretnar, Egbert Rijke, Alex Simpson

Numerical methods
We study systems of bivariate polynomials and applications, new interpolation and approximation schemes, the inverse eigenvalue problem and cubic splines in the context of computer aided geometric design.

Researchers: Jan Grošelj, Gašper Jaklič, Bor Plestenjak